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Cameras and Minic√°maras
Chambers and minichambers spies
Televigilancia cameras
Spy cameras
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Televigilancia and Videovigilancia
Televigilancia and Videovigilancia
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Kits Videovigilancia
Servants of Video
Digital recorders
Transmitters and Monitors
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Alarms and controls of access
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Intelligent accessories
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Domótica X10 Automatization
Everything in domotica for the home
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Controls Domótica X10
Domótica security
Audio Video
Domótica accessories
The greater range of chambers spies for all the applications Kit Televigilancia 4 Cameras with Recording
Kit Recording 8 Cameras
Chamber IP Movement
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To install Cameras in my house or business. I do since it?
Everything on the Systems of Televigilancia
Everything on the Systems of Videovigilancia
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Systems of Television of the world
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In consumer-watch-electronic.info we offer all class to him of devices and accessories that will do the easy and safe life but in their home or business to him. If it does not find what looks for, ll√°menos
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Televigilancia and Videovigilancia
Systems of televigilancia and videovigilancia to control its business from any part of the world.
televigilancia and videovigilancia We are specialistic in Televigilancia and Videovigilancia with thousands of facilities realized with our complete kits with Web servers of video and cameras IP that allow to see him from any part which passes in its house or business. With alarm that warns to him before any incident. And it does not need computer.
Spy cameras and Minicamaras
All spy type of chambers IP, chambers, chambers of monitoring, with movement, infrared, antiloutish, etc
New spy chambers, cameras IP and ready cameras of monitoring for its immediate beginning. You install same cameras of monitoring and CCTV without no effort. If he has doubts he consults our tutorials Super Easy! Chambers spies
Dómótica and Automatización of the Home
The domótica allows him to enjoy but its house and to control of a comfortable and simple form all electric home appliances.
Domotica X10 With our Products of domótica X10 it can regulate the lights and even ignite the electric home appliances from any part with the control of tele without installing not one cable.
Alarm systems
One completes range Alarm systems that same you can install in minutes since they are completely wireless. If monthly payments its alarm calls to him by telephone when any problem takes place. New products in SuperInventos
Intelligent accessories
Repulsive and auyentadores of animal One completes range of peculiar and practical accessories for the house, the car and the PC. And if it has problems with the dog of his neighbor, or has cockroaches, ants, mosquitos. We have one complete Ahuyentadores and Repelentes range de ecological Animales.
¬ ¬ ¬ Professional solutions to watch and to supervise its business by Internet.
Systems of Televigilancia for the home, second residences and houses of field.
Supervision of offices by means of chambers from any part of the world.
Security and control in the Hotels with cameras IP
Control of stock and reduction of lost in warehouses.
The videovigilancia systems avoid the robberies and the vandalism in the parkings deprived public and
Work control, pursuit and promotion with movement chambers and zoom lens
Prevention and of urto in supermarkets and great surfaces.
In the restaurants besides security it allows to control the gauging at any moment.
In the stores and commerce, besides the personnel control, it has a great dissuasive effect against the robberies.
The televigilancia systems contribute security and control of all whatever happens day and night.
Escalables systems of televigilancia that are adapatan to any necessity and with a smaller cost of property.
Basic Videovigilancia in local public who reduce the incidences.

Video Flexwatch Guides
Kit de Televigilancia by Internet of 4 chambers with recording
Kit de Televigilancia by Internet with recording of 4 chambers
Outer camera IP with automatic pursuit of movement.
Outer camera IP with automatic pursuit of movement
The wireless but small microchamber of the world.
The wireless but small microchamber of the world
Kit de Televigilancia by Internet of 8 cameras with recording
Kit de Televigilancia by Internet of 8 cameras with recording
Alarm system PowerMax pro. The best Wireless Alarm of the Market.
Alarm system PowerMax pro. The best Wireless Alarm of the Market
System of Videovigilancia with recording of 4 cameras
System of Videovigilancia with recording of 4 cameras
Wireless camera with digital recorder and card SD.
Wireless camera with digital recorder and card SD.
GPS localizer of vehicles by satellite
GPS localizer of vehicles by satellite.
Easy robotics in Spanish
VideoVigilancia.com monitoring by Internet within reach of everybody
The products of consumer-watch-electronic.info are easy to install, simple to always use and to the best price.!
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